I am walking through the traditional part of Edessa. This is actually the only part I want to find myself at. I admire the traditional guesthouses, the stone made alleys, the earth colors, the architecture in general. I am walking alone, only water and birds make their presence felt. After some minutes of wandering I encounter a big open space, it looks like a cinema, a summer-time cinema; pretty common in Greece I must say, a unique experience the least. But now it’s December, there are no chairs nor elegant tables to stare at the white screen hanging from the top of the building. There is only a man, about 40 meters away. He is holding a stick, he is pushing the dead leaves making piles every now and then. I am getting closer to him.

- Good afternoon Sir..

- Hello son.

- Isn’t it rather late for you to work? It is almost seven..

- No my boy, I am not working..I happened to pass by and I…I didn’t want to leave this place like a mess.

- Well, you have done an excellent job so far..Would you mind me helping you?

- No, not at all..

Another hour with this man made my day..Made my trip making sense.



Edessa (2013)